Trauma Tech is an occupational safety and first aid training agency that offers first aid courses in Vancouver.


Relentless has converted the Trauma Tech website to a new responsive design. Responsive design allows us to determine the screen size and browser capabilities of each site visitor and display the most appropriate design for them. After measuring the consistent growth of mobile and tablet users, we compared the performance of the website on those devices versus the standard desktop user to identify key content pieces and areas of improvement. The result is a clean and functional website that works as intended for all types of site visitors. We look forward to measuring the impact of this website upgrade in the weeks to come.

August, 2012

Relentless has recently migrated the Trauma Tech website to a new hosting environment and is launching an Awareness campaign involving Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords Management. Relentless has also integrated Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics, which enables online transactions to be linked to a specific referral source in Google Analytics.

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