CRM Integration

Relentless has been working with various CRM platforms since we opened our doors in 2000.

One of our first major projects was the development of a custom CRM platform dubbed the "RT Leadtracker" for a marquee client. Over the years, and with many development iterations, we've evolved the codebase into a highly-specialized application, which is still in play today.

CRM Integration

While developing our own CRM, we became familiar with other third-party applications such as Salesforce and Maximizer, and began integrating those platforms for clients who needed and out-of-the-box solution that was fast and cost-efficient to deploy.

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CRM Integration Specialists

Relentless works with the following CRM platforms and third-party applications:


Relentless has integrated Salesforce into many of our clients' websites and applications. We're also avid Salesforce users, and have heavily customized our own implementation to our specific liking.


Relentless also has experience with marketing automation software such as Marketo. Our first experience with Marketo was a large Analytics/Salesforce/Marketo tie-in project for Vision Critical. Relentless worked with the Vancouver-based Salesforce experts Traction On Demand to fully integrate the Vision Critical website with Google Analytics, Salesforce and Marketo.


We have a unique relationship with Maximizer Software, also from Vancouver BC, and have integrated a number of our clients' applications into the Maximizer CRM. We also work closely with the Maximizer marketing team and were chosen to develop their new website in spring 2014.


Due to the thriving real estate economy in Vancouver, Relentless is frequently asked to integrate website and applications with Lasso CRM. Based out of Richmond BC, Lasso is a very popular CRM platform for real estate developers and agents.

Google Analtyics

Relentless has been working with analytics data from the get-go. Before there was Google Analytics, we used WebTrends, LiveStats, and log files to track site visitors and key performance metrics. Now that Google Analytics is the standard, Relentless is often asked to work with the Google Analytics API to pass this data into various CRMs and applications.


Relentless has also integrated Hubspot with a number of different CRMs for clients who want to leverage Hubspot's powerful Content Optimization System (COS).

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Northern Development is a regionally operated economic development funding corporation for central and northern British Columbia.

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