Northern Development is a non-profit corporation founded to stimulate economic growth through investments in community-led projects in central and northern British Columbia.

Client Story

Relentless has been working with The Northern Development Initiative Trust since 2011. We developed the current website, provide ongoing technical support and monthly Insights reports, and work with the team at NDIT on digital consultation and strategy.

“The team at Relentless has exceeded our expectations at every stage of our relationship…”

I would like to thank Relentless for their outstanding work on our new website which is the cornerstone of our new Building A Stronger North brand and public engagement strategy. Relentless was not only easy to work with, they also brought great ideas and innovative solutions to our project.

Relentless was chosen for the project based on their technical abilities, experience, and the stability of their company. The project management was exceptional from start to finish.

There was a large technical component to our project that required an advanced skill set to merge multiple technologies. Specifically, we wanted to use our internal enterprise-wide project and financial management software to publish key pieces of content to our website while ensuring 100% security of our clients' confidential information. Relentless collaborated with our software developers to find viable solutions in a fast and efficient manner – we now have a comprehensive system that is elegantly designed and easy to use.

Relentless also optimized our website for search and continues to manage our campaign to keep the site moving forward. Our Board has been very impressed by the volume of search traffic that is now being attracted to our region and for our clients.

The monthly Insights reports that Relentless provides help us understand our web analytics and are an extremely valuable resource to show our Board Members what is going on behind the scenes.

I would recommend Relentless to any organization who would like to have a leading-edge, high-performance website. The team at Relentless has exceeded our expectations at every stage of our relationship and we look forward to working with Relentless on new initiatives building on these successful projects.

Brodie Guy
Director, Market Development


Relentless has recently designed and developed the new Northern Development website. We’ve been working closely with Northern Development since 2011, and after heaps of work on this project, are so excited to see the new site in action!

As Northern Development offers a range of funding programs suited to a diverse set of economic development priorities, part of our scope involved developing the Funding Program Wizard to help site visitors explore these programs and check their eligibility.

We also had to be mindful of over 1700 pages of existing content indexed on Google, and our background in technical optimization came in very handy.

We look forward to continuing to support the website and Northern Development in the years to come.

Relentless has just completed a revamp of the Northern Development Initiative Trust “Explore Our Region” Interactive Map. We started by analyzing how visitors on mobile devices were interacting with the map, and completed a round of User Experience testing to identify areas of improvement. We then made design changes to make the map more intuitive and easier to use on a mobile phone. These UI/UX enhancements are part of our continuous improvement model that we apply to all Relentless projects.

Relentless has recently upgraded the Northern Development Initiative Trust website to a responsive design. Responsive design ensures that a website will work equally well on every possible device, across all platforms. Relentless is tracking the impact of this improvement and will be measuring site usage improvements from mobile and tablet user segments.

Relentless has recently built a new website for The Northern Development Initiative Trust. The website is powered by a custom-built WordPress CMS. The team at NDIT works on an intranet using a custom CRM. When they wanted to push certain content from their internal network out to the web, Relentless built a solution that allows them to press a button and have content, images, videos, and documents published through our secure .NET Web Service to WordPress. All the content is then mapped to custom post types and taxonomies and tagged with geo co-ordinates.

One of the most exciting features of the new website is the Explore Our Region map, which uses Google maps in conjunction with custom JavaScript prototypes to render the geo-tagged content as Polaroid thumbnails on the map. NDIT has thousands of “Success Stories”, and Relentless had to pay special attention to the development of the map so that only items tagged within the boundaries of the current viewport are loaded. This involved customizing the WordPress database with a spatially-indexed geometric table that allows for lightning fast selection of geo-queries.

The team at Relentless really enjoyed overcoming the technical challenges on this project. We also look forward to working with The Northern Development Initiative Trust to increase traffic to the website via a Relentless Awareness campaign.

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