Web Usability

Web Usability refers to the process of improving the ease of use of a website. Navigation, presentation of information, and accessibility for all device types are examples of areas we focus on when conducting web usability testing for our clients.

For eCommerce websites, the focus narrows to improving sales and transactions by optimizing the usability of the website and checkout process. Regardless of the desired objectives, web usability testing follows a similar methodology to Conversion Optimization.

Web Usability

After an initial web usability audit, including multi-device testing, the process begins by defining clear objectives for the website, such as improving the user experience for mobile visitors, or increasing eCommerce conversion rates by reducing cart abandonment.

Relentless creates alternate versions of key pages and tests them against the original pages. Results are tracked in Google Analytics using Advanced Segments, and opportunities for improvements are identified.

We can help test and analyze the ease-of-use of your website, and provide reports with recommendations for improvements and enhancements.
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Making Things Better

Relentless has been conducting web usability testing since we started our business in 2000. Web usability has been a key factor in our industry since the first webpage went up in 1989, but it took until the early 2000's for the techniques and best practices to become standardized.

In the early days of web usability testing, we would call our friends and associates into the office, sit down beside them, and watch them use the website. This "over the shoulder" approach was certainly helpful, but lacked data-driven metrics to back up the findings. We were certainly improving web usability for our clients, but often from the hip.

Google Analytics changed everything. As one of the first companies in Canada to beta it in 2005, we were blown away by how we could visually see navigation paths and in-page analytics. Over the years, as Google Analytics evolved, we were able to use event tracking and virtual pageviews to see how users were interacting with the elements within each webpage, and not just the overall page itself. Split-tests have become relatively easy to deploy, and the metrics are in place to confirm previous assumptions.

Relentless Web Usability services include:

  • Web Usability Audit
  • Multi-device Testing (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Google Analytics Advanced Segments Setup
  • Navigation and Conversion Point Improvements
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • eCommerce Improvements
  • Test Management and Analysis
  • Reporting and Consultation

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