About Us

Relentless is a digital agency specializing in development, marketing, and insights.

We work with agencies and select companies to develop the underlying technologies for a lead focused website. We advise on marketing strategies that deliver qualified prospects through search and inbound channels.

We have worked with Instagram, TaylorMade Golf, Adidas, Levi's, The New York Post, Oakley, Mercedes-Benz, and hundreds of others.

We are constantly thinking about new and innovative technologies, with a specific focus on how technology influences marketing and business development, now and in the future.

We are a veteran team working together for over a decade, always looking for complex problems to solve. Our core competencies are in custom web development, marketing, and data insights, with an emphasis on strong project management. This combination allows us to deliver unique solutions, on time and on budget.

Founded in 2000, Relentless is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Craig Hauptman

President & Founder

Craig Hauptman uses over 20 years of expertise to help clients score maximum revenue from their online channels. With a deep understanding of traditional marketing, Craig specializes in helping companies make the most of their marketing budgets by using measurable web-based tactics that create brand awareness and generate leads. His technical background in Marketing and Media from BCIT allows him to bridge the gap between progressive technologies and solid business strategy. Craig enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, and spending time with his family. When not working, he can usually be found somewhere in the BC outdoors.

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Dale Butterfield


Since 2005, Dale has been our Marketing Strategist for Relentless while focusing on client strategy and analytics. He works closely with all types of data to try and understand the modern digital world and what it means for our clients' projects. Dale is responsible for our well-known Insights reporting which helps to guide our clients' business objectives and measures efficacy of marketing campaigns. His dedication and strong project management expertise are key components to many successful Relentless projects. His impressive list of accomplishments extends far beyond the workplace as a critically acclaimed musician.

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Owen Prior

Project Manager

Owen has been with Relentless since 2006, initially as a designer and now as a Project Manager. As a designer, he delivers functional, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing websites - while always keeping search engine performance and conversion optimization top-of-mind. Owen specializes in interactive HTML5, PHP, CSS and XHTML. As Project Manager, his experience and skill at understanding client needs for each individual project is unbeatable. He is also accomplished at creating corporate branding and identities, video production, packaging and product collateral.

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Britton Chivers

Project Manager

Before joining the Relentless team in 2009, Britton worked as an Instructor for the Art Institute of Vancouver. He started his career in graphic design, but his passion for interactive creative quickly led him into the world of web design. He has thrived as a developer and graphic designer, delivering rich interactive content for an impressive number of studios around North America. As a project manager, Britton combines all of his expertise to execute and deliver exceptional results for every project he manages. He is detail-oriented and dedicated to client satisfaction. When not in the office, you can find him surfing the waves off of Tofino or snowboarding in the coastal mountains.

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Lin Hu


Lin has been an intrinsic part of the Relentless team since 2006. Specializing in HTML, CSS, .Net, and PHP, Lin's code is flawless. Lin is adept in Visual Studio, Photoshop, and Fireworks, working at a relentless speed that never fails to amaze. She also has to put up with all the guys at Relentless, which in itself deserves a medal.

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Patrick Baldwin

Senior Developer

Since 2001, Pat has been honing his development expertise in PHP, HTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery/Ajax, C#, .NET, JavaScript, and Java. Most recently, Pat's skillset has extended to an impressive library of WordPress builds for Relentless. As the CRM of choice, Pat creates 100% customized WordPress sites at remarkable speeds. He has also become proficient at Ruby/Rails/Gems. Pat holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Victoria and has a strong penchant for correcting office grammar. As an avid hockey player, he also keeps everyone well informed on the latest NHL scores.

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Mark Ciesielski

Lead Developer

Since 2008, Mark has been part of the Web Development team at Relentless. Highly skilled in .NET, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML/CSS, he is continually refining his skillset and learning valuable tricks of the trade. Mark started as a summer intern for Relentless, while completing the BCIT Computer Information Technology program, and worked his way up to become our Lead Developer. When not in the office, Mark is an avid mountain biker, skier, rock climber, and outdoorsman.

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Wayne Shek


Wayne joined Relentless in 2018 and was immediately a natural fit with our team. His great attitude, easygoing nature, and excellent development skills complement our office environment perfectly. A man of many talents, Wayne is also a snowboard instructor, a 3D printing aficionado, and a well-ranked Kendo practitioner. He's our first line of defense against pushy photocopier salespeople. We are happy to have Wayne on our team and look forward to working with him on many exciting projects in the years to come.

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Haena Lee

Project Coordinator

Haena joined Relentless in 2019 and has a natural talent for creating clean and functional design. Her keen eye for detail and thorough understanding of UI/UX best practices really complements our team. She's also highly organized and has great teamwork skills, which makes her a pleasure to work with. Haena is fluent in English and Korean and has a technical education from BCIT Technical Web Designer Program and Lighthouse Labs. When she's not designing gorgeous websites, Haena enjoys spending time in the trails with her husband and their super cute Shiba Inu, named "Monkey".

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Amanda Hauptman

Marketing Administrator

Amanda's experience in marketing communications naturally lends itself to the Web. Her background in Integrated Marketing Communications gives her a unique talent for writing clean, articulate messaging that draws customers to a site and keeps them coming back. Amanda studied Marketing Communications at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and also has a Teaching Degree from UBC.

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Nelson isn't the most proficient coder, but he sure is great for cheering us up. Most importantly, Nelson excels at protecting us from the scary FedEx delivery guy. Nelson also likes to bring his favorite stuffie into the office to show each and every one of us.

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Now Hiring

Are you Relentless?

Our team is currently looking for skilled developers who have experience with UI Development, responsive design, and object-oriented programming.

Requirements Include:

  • Fluency in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL and MySQL.
  • CMS experience with WordPress customization.
  • App Development experience for iOS/Android.
  • Ability to write clean/well documented code.
  • Additional programming languages an asset.

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October, 2021


URL: www.metrin.com
Industries: Health And Beauty
Services: Development

Relentless has recently redeveloped the Metrin Skincare website using an Agile Web Development approach. After an initial Discovery & Planning phase where we performed an extensive review and audit of the existing website frameworks, we designed a set of comprehensive layouts for the main pages/sections for desktop, tablet, and smartphone formats. Once the design comps were approved, we developed responsive page templates and components based on the approved website design and materials.

Relentless continues to provide ongoing Agile development for Metrin, and our skin has never looked better!

September, 2021

First Inheritance

URL: www.firstinheritance.com
Industries: Financial
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless has recently redesigned the First Inheritance website for Peoples Group. Our process involved re-organizing the site content and taxonomy to create a clean, simplified website that was easy to navigate and interact with.

Relentless enjoys working with the talented team at Peoples Group and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.

June, 2021

C2 Education

URL: www.c2educate.com
Industries: Assorted
Services: Development

Relentless has recently redeveloped the 700+ page C2 Education website. With over 180 locations in North America, we had to develop the site so that each location would be able to manage their own unique page content such as business hours, services, and schools they service.

Relentless continues to provide technical support and ongoing development for C2E, and we look forward to developing future iterations of the website.

April, 2021


URL: www.hp.com
Industries: Information Technology
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless has recently completed the HP Global Procurement process and has achieved Official Preferred Supplier status for HP Inc.

The process involved months of paperwork and in-depth reviews to ensure that Relentless had the experience, technical knowledge, and financial stability to become a HP Preferred Supplier.

We look forward to a long-term relationship with HP as we continue to develop, manage, and optimize their digital projects accordingly.

February, 2021

Wesbrook Redesign

URL: www.wesbrookproperties.com
Industries: Assorted
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless has recently completed a fresh redesign on the Wesbrook Properties website for UBC Properties Trust. We initially built the Wesbrook site in 2012, and then converted it into a responsive design in 2014. After 9 years of service online, it was time to give it a more modern look while increasing core functionality for both site visitors and website administrators alike.

We’ve had such a great working relationship with the talented team at UBC Properties Trust over the last 11 years, and look forward to continuing to support them as their digital agency.

January, 2021

Good Neighbor Pharmacy

URL: www.mygnp.com
Industries: Health And Beauty
Services: Development, Insights

MyGNP.com is the portal for a network of 2500 independently owned pharmacies located across the United States and its territories. Included as part of their membership, each store has its own HIPAA and WCAG (AA) compliant localized page and the ability for owners to submit content additions to it, as well as to the news, gallery, and promotions subpages.

Relentless started on this project in late 2018 using an Agile Development model and worked extensively with AmerisourceBergen’s Salesforce and GNP Marketing teams throughout the project to provide continually updated timelines before reaching a MVP release in mid-2019.

A comprehensive content migration strategy and audit was necessary to ensure the existing URL structure was retained, and mitigate any potential impact on organic search traffic.

Relentless continues to provide day-to-day support for the GNP marketing team with their content strategy and management, and as they support their network of stores’ online presence, as well as completing the development of a brand refresh & front-end reskin in 2020.

November, 2020

First Circle Financial

URL: www.firstcircle.ca
Industries: Financial
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless recently redesigned the First Circle Financial website with an updated look-and-feel. Our goal was to optimize the website for usability with a clean, professional design. We also redesigned the portfolio analysis charts and are now working on some additional print materials as well.

Relentless has been working with the great people at First Circle Financial since 2018, and we look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.

September, 2020

Northern Development

URL: www.northerndevelopment.bc.ca
Industries: Financial
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless has recently designed and developed the new Northern Development website. We’ve been working closely with Northern Development since 2011, and after heaps of work on this project, are so excited to see the new site in action!

As Northern Development offers a range of funding programs suited to a diverse set of economic development priorities, part of our scope involved developing the Funding Program Wizard to help site visitors explore these programs and check their eligibility.

We also had to be mindful of over 1700 pages of existing content indexed on Google, and our background in technical optimization came in very handy.

We look forward to continuing to support the website and Northern Development in the years to come.

June, 2020


URL: www.westaqua.com
Industries: Financial
Services: Development

Relentless has recently redesigned and redeveloped the Westaqua website. Our process began with a friendly wave in the parking lot, as Westaqua is located just a few doors down from our office. Over the years, we got to know a few members of their team over casual parking lot chitchat. When it was time to redo their website, they knocked on our door.

We started with an audit of the former website and provided technical recommendations for website enhancements. We then entered the design phase and worked with Westaqua to come up with a website design that was true to their brand and level of professionalism.

We really enjoyed developing this website for our great neighbors at Westaqua.

May, 2020


URL: www.xmetal.com
Industries: Information Technology
Services: Development, Marketing, Insights

Relentless has recently redesigned and developed the XMetaL website for Just Systems. We’ve been working closely with Just Systems since 2014, and wanted to update the website to reflect a modern design. As the website is also a technical resource for developers, special attention was put into site navigation and usability elements.

We’re very happy with the outcome and look forward to continuing our work with Just Systems.

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