Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application that is owned by Facebook.

Client Story

Instagram asked Relentless to build the IG2: Creativity Explored website for them, to showcase the best images and stories from the Instagram platform.

As Facebook owns Instagram, we needed to go through a very in-depth review process that spanned many months in order to become an official Facebook Supplier.

Once on board, the real work began. We teamed up with the extremely talented folks at Facebook to work through design ideas and implementation. It was decided this was going to be a one-page website experience, complete with transitions and effects between content features.

Due to the amount of images on the site, and the expected traffic load, we needed to come up with some very progressive techniques to render the page quickly, on any device, from any type of Internet connection. It was a bit of a challenge.

What made this project so fascinating was the incredible content we got to work with, and many of the photos and stories really stuck with us. In particular, the theme of #LOVE, the most widely used hashtag on Instagram, was very motivational and inspired us to be better people, and love more.


September, 2017

Relentless has recently developed the “IG2” website for Instagram and Facebook. IG2: Creativity Explored, features a curated selection of the most captivating images and accounts on Instagram.

More than 700 million people share the power of photos, videos and stories on Instagram, and this visual anthology celebrates a tiny fraction of that creativity, with stunning work from brands, businesses, agencies and community members.

As a magnificent, living snapshot of our world, IG2 aims to show advertisers how todays’ creatives are utilizing the Instagram platform to build brands, create awareness, and connect with audiences.

This was an extremely interesting showcase project due to the technical specifications and level of sophistication that Instagram / Facebook required. We look forward to working with Instagram on future projects as an official Facebook Supplier.

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