Web Development

Relentless has developed over 600+ projects since 2000. Over the years, our techniques have evolved, but the development process remains consistent. We follow the 4 Ds approach: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy.



We start with a discovery session to review your existing website and codebase. If it's a brand new website, we'll work with the client to outline a list of functionality requirements, wireframes, taxonomy, and navigational elements.



Our designers will flush out design comps to present to the client for approval before development begins. Design is subjective, and it usually helps to have a Creative Development Session before diving into Photoshop.



Once design is approved, development begins. Essentially, the developers take the wireframes, taxonomy, and design, and code the website to the requirements spec. This process usually takes a few weeks.



When ready, Relentless will push the new codebase to the live server, and begin post-launch QA (Quality Assurance). Once final QA is complete, the site is deemed as launched and complete.

We can help develop your website and guide you through the process.
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Relentless has the tools to extend, develop, and refine your website.

We leverage the latest programming languages and toolkits, and are trained in nearly every web based programming language including:

  • .NET, PHP, Java
  • Adobe Flash, Air, and Flex
  • JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON

Relentless Web Development services include:

  • Project Discovery
  • Development of Functionality Requirements, Wireframes, Taxonomy, and Navigational Elements
  • Comprehensive Layout Design
  • Website Development, Programming, and Customization
  • Deployment and Quality Assurance Testing
  • Backend Optimization for Speed and Reliability
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Updates
  • Support and Consultation

Relentless also works with a number of open source CMS platforms. If your website requires a Content Management System, we can review your requirements and suggest the platform that will best suit your needs and budget.


Arguably the best open source CMS on the market, WordPress is fully customizable and has a large development community behind it. Most importantly, our clients find it very easy to use. Our team builds custom templates, themes, and plugins to achieve completely custom websites that leverage the ease-of-use that the WordPress CMS provides.


Relentless also has experience with Drupal, and has inherited quite a few Drupal sites over the years. Although it is not our first choice when it comes to choosing a CMS, we are fluent in the platform and continue to support many Drupal sites. We also do a fair number of Drupal to WordPress conversions, where we migrate a website from one CMS to another.


Similar to Drupal, we have experience with Joomla, and continue to support an assortment of Joomla-based websites that we've inherited over the years. We've also done a few Joomla to WordPress conversions, moving the content and assets over while preserving site architecture and page naming convention.

Custom CMS

Often a third-party CMS will not suffice for large-scale enterprise level websites. Relentless has developed many custom CMS solutions for our clients who have specified unique requirements and dependencies. Although a custom CMS solution can be fairly expensive to develop, the benefits always outweigh the cost-savings of trying to make do with a third-party CMS.

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