Relentless has been working with analytics data since our inception in April of 2000. Back then, we used WebTrends and log files to track site performance metrics. We were also one of the first companies to work with Google Analtyics while it was still in beta.

Now that Google Analytics is the industry-standard, we help our clients optimize their marketing campaigns by configuring analytics tracking correctly and by analyzing the data on an ongoing basis.


Relentless is also integrating third-party and/or external data into Google Analytics now that Universal Analytics is out of beta. For example, we track weather data for clients who operate seasonal or weather-dependent businesses. This data helps us understand the relationship between current weather conditions and how they relate to website traffic and sales. It allows our clients to advertise heavily when the weather is right, and conserve ad dollars when weather conditions are less than ideal.

We can help set up your Google Analytics account correctly, integrate with external data, and provide concise reports with recommendations for improvements and enhancements.
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Google Analtyics

The industry-leader in analytics platforms, Google Analytics is an essential part of the Relentless toolkit. We're such huge believers in the platform that we make it a requirement for any marketing campaigns that we conduct for our clients.

A standard Relentless install of Google Analytics includes the following elements:

  • Goals and Funnels Configuration
  • Event and Conversion Tracking
  • E-Commerce Tracking
  • Integrate Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Advanced Segmentation for Isolated Analysis of Traffic Subsets
  • Multi-Channel Funnels and Custom Channels
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Scheduled Reports

Universal Analtyics

Relentless can also merge external data into Google Analytics. This allows our clients to compare website metrics against other key performance indicators and datasets, right in Google Analytics, leveraging the powerful charting and analysis features that Google Analytics provides.

Some of the recent datasets we've integrated include:

  • Offline Sales data
  • In-store Foot Traffic data
  • Weather data
  • Industry Benchmark data
  • Search Volume data
  • Search Bots Crawl Frequency data

Insights Reports

Perhaps our most popular service, Relentless analyzes Google Analytics data into insightful reports to help our clients make better business decisions. We can take a deep, detailed look at your web metrics and provide a concise report for you to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

Relentless Insights reports include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Audience Detail
  • Acquisition Detail
  • Behavior Detail
  • Conversion Detail
  • Recommendations For Improvements
  • Opportunities

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