Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization refers to the process of improving the Conversion Rate of your website or landing-page. Conversion Rate is the percentage of site visitors who take action and convert into goal completions on your website. Goal completions are defined on a per site basis, and therefore could be an online sale, a contact form completion, or even a newsletter sign-up (depending on the focus of the website, and what is deemed as a successful website visit).

Conversion Optimization

In its simplest form, the process of Conversion Optimization involves creating an alternate "B" version of the page and testing it against the primary "A" page. This is referred to as A/B split-testing. Things get a little trickier when testing more than two versions of alternate pages, often each with unique page-specific elements. This is referred to as multivariate split-testing and is a more advanced technique.

We can help set up your Google Analytics Experiments correctly, create A/B and multivariate split-tests, analyze the results, and provide reports with recommendations for landing-page improvements and enhancements.
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Optimization Experts

Relentless has been working with analytics data since our business opened in 2000. In the early days of split-testing, we would create alternate page versions and use a server-side redirect to allocate test traffic accordingly. Metrics of each page would then be manually compared side-by-side to determine the winning page. Multivariate split-tests were very difficult to co-ordinate and track.

Google introduced "Website Optimizer" in early 2007 and it was a game changer. All of a sudden, split-tests were relatively easy to deploy. Initially, Website Optimizer was a Google Adwords tool, however Google opened it up to anyone with a Google Account in 2008, regardless of whether they advertised on Adwords. By 2012, Website Optimizer had been renamed to Content Experiments and was baked right into Google Analytics. Conversion Optimization is now standard-practice for any website focused on improving goal conversion rates.

Relentless Conversion Optimization services include:

  • Conversion Rate Assessment
  • Landing-page Creation
  • Google Analytics Experiments Setup
  • A/B and Multivariate Split-Testing
  • Navigation and Messaging Improvements
  • Implementing and Augmenting Call-To-Actions
  • Test Management and Analysis
  • Reporting and Consultation

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