Digital Audits

Relentless has been working with analytics data since our Vancouver office opened in April of 2000. As one of the first companies to work with Google Analtyics while it was still in beta, Relentless became obsessed with crunching through large datasets to mine only the most relevant takeaways.

Digital Audits

While Google Analytics is the industry-standard, there are some limitations to what it can track (such as IP addresses). We can cross-reference Google Analytics data with server logs to see a much clearer picture.

Relentless also conducts audits of applications and websites built by other developers. Our digital agency partners often ask us to review projects done by their in-house teams for quality assurance purposes.

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Google Analtyics

The industry-leader in analytics platforms, Google Analytics is an essential part of the Relentless toolkit. Although over 70% of the top 100,000 websites use Google Analytics, very few marketing executives can actually use it to its full potential.

Often when conducting a digital audit, there is a specific question to be answered. For example, a recent audit we did for Mercedes-Benz Canada was focused on pre-owned inventory only. We work with our clients to develop a set of objectives before we dive into the data.

Relentless can also merge external data into Google Analytics. This allows our clients to compare website metrics against other key performance indicators and datasets, right in Google Analytics, leveraging the powerful charting and analysis features that Google Analytics provides.

If you need a website, application, or marketing campaign analyzed, we can take a deep, detailed look and provide a detailed audit report.

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