Relentless highly recommends WordPress for small to medium size websites that need to be deployed quickly. We've experienced fantastic results with WordPress in terms of customization abilities and client ease of use.

We've also developed an assortment of powerful WordPress plugins, such as "RT SEO" and "RT Forms", which are exclusive to our clients.


We love WordPress so much, that we use it to power our own website... and more! The Relentless site uses a highly-customized version of WordPress that leverages custom post types to render both public content (the website) and private content (client quotes and Insights reports).

We can install and integrate WordPress with your website and customize it to your liking.
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In our humble opinion, WordPress is the best open source CMS on the market. It's fully customizable and has a large community of developers behind it. Most importantly, our clients find it very easy to use. Relentless builds custom templates, themes, and plugins to achieve completely custom websites that leverage the ease-of-use that the WordPress CMS provides.

Relentless WordPress services include:

  • Setup
  • Custom Development
  • Plugin Installation, Modification and Customization
  • Backend Optimization for Speed and Reliability
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Updates
  • Support and Consultation

RT SEO plugin

Relentless developed the RT SEO plugin to rapidly deploy search engine optimization techniques on WordPress sites. Although it is loaded with stacks of advanced features, it's also easy enough for our not-so-technical clients to use. RT SEO provides alerts and guidance when updating and inserting content, so even a non-SEO-savvy user can ensure they have followed best practices. RT SEO is exclusive to our clients.

RT Forms plugin

Relentless developed the RT Forms plugin to create custom forms quickly on WordPress sites. RT Forms allows users to create website forms, configure mail server settings, and tie into third-party CRM's such as Salesforce with ease. RT Forms is exclusive to our clients.

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Northern Development is a regionally operated economic development funding corporation for central and northern British Columbia.

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