DeepRoot specialize in environmental solutions and technical support services promoting tree growth and storm-water management.

Client Story

DeepRoot Silva Cell InstallEstablished in 1976, DeepRoot is a green infrastructure company based in San Francisco, California. They were the first to develop commercially available tree root barriers, and are now a leading urban landscape products and ecosystem services supplier. In 2006, they brought what would become their flagship product to market; the Silva Cell.

As cities introduce soil compaction requirements, urban trees suffer from a lack of soil to grow. Silva Cell solves this problem. The Silva Cell is an underground framework for containing lightly compacted soil that supports large trees and absorbs runoff from rain in cities.

DeepRoot was referred to us by one of our existing clients back in 2007. They were just starting to increase their marketing efforts for the new Silva Cell product, and were focused on educating city planners and municipalities about the residual benefits of growing big trees in cities.

DeepRoot had dipped their toes into Adwords and search marketing, but as the product was so new, there wasn’t yet a clear idea of what keywords and channels were most important to their business.

The challenge for DeepRoot was bringing a product to market where the product itself wasn’t seen, and the real benefits of that product might not be seen for years to come. The product was so new and innovative that there wasn’t even search demand or market precedent yet. The market needed to be created.

deeproot-installWe were initially brought on board to help them with their marketing for both organic and paid search. First we needed to make sure we could account for successful visits from the channels. Measuring successful visits is something that Relentless has worked hard to achieve with DeepRoot. We know that if we can’t measure it, we can’t improve on it. But what was a successful visit for DeepRoot? What was the ultimate purpose of the website?

Implementing conversion tracking involved gaining an extensive understanding of DeepRoot products. The original points of conversion were too simplistic and didn’t take into account the various personas that were visiting the site for different purposes. We began tracking points of conversion across the website, varying from direct product leads, research based, engagement and channel specific. Together with DeepRoot, we began to get an understanding of how the website was driving product awareness.

We next started researching keywords and referring website information to figure out where we would find the audience. We took on their Adwords campaign and worked with them to increase the quality of visitors arriving at the site. We also optimized the campaigns to get more traffic for less money. The existing campaigns were wasting budget through loose targeting and irrelevant keywords.

Within the first 2 months, we brought the average cost per click down by 93%. This was a massive increase in efficiency and allowed us to grow awareness without increasing budget.

After working with DeepRoot for 2 years, we became more involved in the direction of their web technology and strategy. We were working directly with their head of marketing, and helped develop strategies for marketing accountability, and brand awareness.

In 2010, we consulted with DeepRoot through the first of two major website redesigns. It was at this time that the DeepRoot blog was introduced.

The blog was launched in the fall of 2010 and leverages DeepRoot’s expertise in the industry. From the very beginning DeepRoot wanted to be sure that the blog was not abandoned after the initial posts. They committed to posting three times per week and creating content that not only promotes their products, but provides real value to readers through industry education.

DeepRoot’s industry expertise and content commitment, combined with Relentless’s technical strategies, resulted in the single most significant source of visitor acquisition since the website began.

As DeepRoot worked on content for the blog, we helped guide them through technical implementations, information architecture, user experience, and goal tracking attribution. We worked with DeepRoot to understand how the blog was capturing value from end-to-end.

We found that frequent, authoritative content was attracting new visitors through organic search and social sharing, and these visitors were returning at later dates to engage with the site in other ways.

By nature of DeepRoot’s signature products, there was a very long research funnel for sales. Content marketing became a big part of that research funnel, providing initial exposure and ongoing education to prospects as they arrived again and again at the site and gathered information. We were able to help DeepRoot define the value of readers of this content, in relation to product sales and services.

Working with DeepRoot over the last seven years has resulted in a great partnership for us. We respect the company for their efforts in green infrastructure, and we get to work along side them as they fulfill their mission to grow big trees in cities across the USA, Canada and the UK.

We’re proud of our part in, and it is now the company’s best and most powerful marketing tool – and it promises to retain that title for the foreseeable future.

“Relentless has been a true partner...”

Relentless Technology has been invaluable in helping us wade through the intricacies of online marketing - from managing our AdWords budgets to helping us try out new platforms that enable us to reach our audience.

Relentless has been a true partner to us and their commitment to understanding our needs and our business has been an important part of our success.

Leda Marritz
Marketing Director


January, 2022


Industries: Environmental
Services: Insights, Marketing, Development

Relentless has just launched the new DeepRoot website, which was redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up. After 15 years of working together, we are so excited for DeepRoot to enjoy the customized functionality and specifically-tailored features that the new website offers.

We look forward to continuing to support and enhance the site in the years to come.

September, 2013


Industries: Environmental
Services: Insights, Marketing

DeepRoot has just launched their new website, which features a clean, modern design. Relentless has been working with DeepRoot since 2007, providing digital marketing consultation and services. Our role for site launch was to provide Quality Assurance and preserve traffic from search as the old site transitioned to the new one.

October, 2007


Industries: Environmental
Services: Insights, Marketing

Relentless is conducting a search engine optimization and pay-per-click management program for DeepRoot specializes in Integrated Tree and Stormwater Systems to improve sustainability in urban areas and to reduce flooding and erosion from daily rainfall events.

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