Sequoia is a full service landscaping company located in North Vancouver who are dedicated to superior landscaping services in residential, commercial, maintenance and excavation projects.

“I love working with Relentless!”

I love working with Relentless!

As a small business owner, I'm constantly amazed at the care and attention that Relentless gives to my account and marketing objectives.

Awesome attitude, quick response, dedication to success, and fantastic insight gives Relentless the edge over my former web team. I also appreciate how they will only work with one landscaping company in my target market… mine!

Relentless created a locally-targeted online advertising campaign that fit my budget and has achieved results beyond my expectations. I'll be working with Relentless for many, many years to come!

Tyler Parke


Relentless has recently updated the Sequioa Landscaping website with a new responsive design, which allows the site to respond and look great on all mobile devices and tablets. We also helped Sequioa with a little “spring cleaning” of the website content and landing pages. The redesign was timed for the launch of this year’s seasonal marketing campaign that Relentless manages for Sequioa.

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