Wizard Industries is the manufacturer of the Wizard Retractable Screen Door, manufactured to the highest standards using high quality components.

“Relentless and their services have proven to be a integral part of our marketing efforts…”

Re: Relentless Internet marketing and SEO performance

To Whom It May Concern,

We wish to commend Relentless Technology for their terrific Internet marketing and search engine optimization programs.

Since we contracted Relentless to help grow our Internet presence in March 2003, we have been very impressed with their dedication and determination towards our company's marketing goals.

Relentless started by re-designing our web site to optimize it for the search engines and make it more user-friendly. Once the site was re-designed and Relentless started to promote it, the results were immediate and exactly what we wanted. Our unique user sessions went from less than 800 per month to over 12,000 per month, a 1500% increase in site traffic. Our average session time has also doubled, proving that the quality of our site visitors has not been compromised with the influx of traffic.

On top of our SEO program, Relentless has also designed and currently manages a pay-per-click program for us. The purpose of this program is purely to attract potential screen door dealers for our company, specifically in regions where we do not have a dealer established. Since the inception of this program, Relentless has delivered over 300 qualified leads for our sales team to follow up with, many of which have turned into excellent dealers for us. We are obviously thrilled with the results.

Relentless and their services have proven to be a integral part of our marketing efforts and we look forward to a long-term relationship as both of our companies continue to grow. I would recommend Relentless to any company looking to maximize their online marketing efforts, with the exception of my competitors.

Richard Ilott


Relentless Technology has recently launched the new Wizard Industries web site. Wizard Industries is a manufacturer of retractable screen doors. This CSS-based web retrofit included a complete graphic overhaul while using existing content and well-positioned pages to further boost existing top-page search engine rankings. Increased site visitor functionality and keyword-rich pages have already increased conversion rates dramatically within the first 24 hours of launch.

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