Wespac is a leading electrical contractor based out of Coquitlam, British Columbia.


December, 2011

Relentless has recently built a new website for Wespac as well as a custom Job Tracker application for their fleet of over 35 service vehicles and electricians.

The Wespac Job Tracker is a comprehensive web-based application that allows Wespac to instantly synchronize the call center with the technicians in the field. Clients, jobs, suppliers, invoices, and hours logged are all tracked through the combination of a WordPress administration area and a liquid front-end that is optimized for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. The client roster is managed by the administrators through WordPress, where they create new job entries, and assign Project Managers and Foremen to them. Field technicians log into the application and are able to do predictive searches for available jobs, log their time, upload photos, track material purchases, and search a geo-location enabled map for closest suppliers.

At any point during a job, administrators are able to prepare an invoice, selecting the charges which are to appear. All invoices are viewable by client and job, and show which charges have been invoiced and which are still pending. These can then be exported as a Word document or printed online. Wespac administrators also export time sheets in Excel format by selecting a time range and a set of users. There is also a messaging system which allows administrators to instantly send global or individual messages to field technicians.

Relentless really enjoyed building the website and the custom Job Tracker application for Wespac. We look forward to future projects and Job Tracker enhancements with Wespac.

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