Vivreau is the original designer of the table water bottling system, effectively transforming how water is served and consumed in corporate settings.


August, 2017

Relentless has recently launched a digital campaign to introduce Vivreau Water to the North American market. Vivreau Water originated in the UK and is now owned by BRITA GmbH, based in Taunusstein, Germany.

Relentless began by setting up all of the tracking mechanisms required to measure the performance of the campaign, including event tracking, goal configurations, and the appropriate filters in Google Analytics. Once the measurement tools were in place, we eased into the campaign over a 2-week period in order to ensure everything was tracking as expected, before opening the floodgates.

The campaign is now off to a fantastic start, and we look forward to working with Vivreau to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads over the duration of the project.

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