Vision Critical is a market research survey software company that provides interactive market research using a combination of technology, global online panels and research.

Client Story

Relentless has been working with Vancouver-based Vision Critical since 2009. Over the years, we’ve designed and developed numerous websites and applications for them. We also work closely with their marketing team on various digital campaigns and initiatives.

“The Relentless team has been a key partner in the ongoing success of our corporate web properties.”

The Relentless team has been a key partner in the ongoing success of our corporate web properties. They not only handle development of our main web property,, but have also localized it in five languages.

They've developed a series of micro sites to help push our messages to the industry:, and This is an amazing feat as we are a dynamic company that changes continuously. Relentless has no trouble keeping up with us, supporting our growth and keeping us on track.

Working with Relentless, sharing in their knowledge and digital marketing best practices, has assisted us in achieving our marketing goals.

From consultancy on SEO and Google Analytics to broad stroke eMarketing, we could not have done it without them. The Relentless team is A class – whether by phone or email, they always handle themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

I'm looking forward to continuing our partnership into all our future projects.

Shannon Farley
VC Creative Communications & Global Creative Director


Relentless has recently developed the Vision Critical University website for Vision Critical.

VCU is a learning resource center to help answer questions about running community panels, conducting market research online, and using Vision Critical’s software products.

With many of our clients seeking to find ways to include video content into their websites, Vision Critical approached Relentless with an innovative video for their new website design.

The video is designed to appear to the viewer as if they were looking through the monitor as Vision Critical staff members interact and draw on it. A narrator delivers the 90-second message that Vision Critical connects and works closely with their clients. The video itself is well produced and was worthy of prominent placement on the website, so it was decided to put it on the most popular page of the site: the homepage.

Relentless has tagged and segmented visitors who watch the entire video versus those who do not, in order to be able to track the impact of this rich media piece in Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Marketo.

Relentless encoded the video and then re-built the homepage utilizing the latest in Flash video technology and browser functionality. Mobile versions are served based on the device’s capabilities and dimensions to ensure that all viewers are able to experience the message as Vision Critical intended.

The video itself is encoded in a number of different formats, ranging from 1080p for the desktop to .3gp and .mp4 for mobile. They are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and have been load-tested at different points around the globe to ensure that the highest-quality video available is streaming instantly.

Relentless worked seamlessly with Vision Critical to deliver a re-branded website that not only looks and feels great, but has been engaging site visitors in a new fashion to deliver the ultimate Vision Critical brand experience. We look forward to rolling out the next innovation for Vision Critical.

Relentless has recently completed an updated version of the Vision Critical corporate website. Vision Critical is a technology-focused research company and one of the fastest growing organizations in Canada, ranking #12 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ for the fourth straight year.

Vision Critical required a new website to handle the needs of its rapidly expanding services. Relentless is a close partner to Vision Critical, offering a full service Internet marketing solution; including awareness campaigns, design, development, and insight reporting to ensure the continuous improvement of web marketing tactics.

Vision Critical’s new website was built with a custom WordPress theme and includes an updated homepage design for improved company positioning and conversion paths. The site includes a custom media tagging solution, dynamic service carousel, and cross-platform video players. Keeping the future and client security in mind, Relentless built custom content management tools to fit the needs of the various departments and user roles within the company.

Relentless is very pleased with the latest Vision Critical website and looks forward to continued success in driving traffic and generating leads for Vision Critical.

Relentless is excited to be working with Vision Critical, a strategic interactive research company based out of Vancouver, BC.

Vision Critical’s online research software, Sparq, is the #1 online panel and research platform used by 25% of the world’s top brands and provides informed insight to help clients make innovative decisions.

Relentless is currently managing and deploying a search engine optimization (SEO) program for the website.

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