UBC Properties Trust is a private company wholly owned by the University of British Columbia which operates as a trust whose sole beneficiaries are UBC and the UBC Foundation.


Relentless has redesigned and redeveloped the Village Gate Homes website for UBC Properties Trust. The new design features simplified navigation elements, improved mobile usability, and a crisp responsive layout. We have been working closely with UBC Properties Trust for over a decade and are very familiar with the website’s content and functionality, which came in handy when working on this exciting project.

February, 2014

Relentless has recently converted the VillageGateHomes.com website into a responsive design for UBC Properties Trust. Village Gate Homes has been developing, leasing and managing rental housing for UBC’s full-time, permanent faculty and staff. Relentless has been working with UBC Properties Trust on their fleet of websites since 2010.

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