Squirrel Systems launched the first point-of-sale touchscreen terminal for the hospitality industry in 1984.

“Working with Relentless is seriously the best...”

Working with Relentless is seriously the best. On top of the professionalism, mega chops and super great guys, the whole demand generation focus is really inspiring. A BIG THANKS to you and the team!

Brian Mitchinson
VP Marketing


Relentless has recently redesigned, redeveloped, and launched the new Squirrel Systems website.

We began by conducting a full audit of the former website and provided a set of technical enhancements based on existing analytics data. We then worked with Squirrel and their highly qualified consultants to produce a fresh website design that would outperform the former website, both technically and from a marketing perspective.

Once the new design was approved, we developed the responsive codebase and worked with Squirrel to populate the website with their new and improved content. The result is a faster, more streamlined website, which has boosted conversions dramatically.

We really enjoyed developing this website for Squirrel, and many of us are familiar with their point-of-sale system from our part-time restaurant jobs in earlier days. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Squirrel as we continue to manage and optimize their website and marketing campaigns accordingly.

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