Novus offers high quality windshield and auto glass replacement and other diversified services. Novus has also been awarded more US patents for windshield repair than the rest of the windshield repair industry combined.


September, 2012

Relentless has recently redesigned the website for NOVUS. The redesign had two primary objectives. The first objective was to increase conversions by improving usability, navigation, and browser support for site visitors. The second objective was to bring the design of the website up to NOVUS brand standards.

To achieve the first objective, Relentless did an exhaustive analytics analysis to determine how site visitors were navigating through the site, how they were interacting with the dealer locator and quote tools, and most importantly where they were experiencing difficulties. Once the analysis was complete, Relentless developed proposed solutions and conducted A/B split-testing in a live environment to validate these solutions before incorporating them into the new design.

To achieve the second objective, Relentless started with the NOVUS logo (the one element that could not be changed) and built the new design around it. The new look-and-feel was also tested using A/B split testing prior to committing to it.

The end result is as expected; a measurable increase in conversions and usability and a great looking site that displays properly on all browsers and devices. Relentless looks forward to working on future enhancements for NOVUS as part of our Conversion Optimization and Web Usability services.

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