Custom Electric Bikes specializes in hand-built custom electric Vintage Schwinn bikes and is located in North Vancouver BC.

“Relentless is absolutely top-notch.”

Relentless is absolutely top-notch. Their professionalism and project management skills made the entire project smooth from start-to-finish. They did a great job of listening to our needs and created exactly what we were looking for. We also love how they made it super easy for us to update and edit the website and inventory ourselves. We are so happy with our new site, and wish to thank the great team at Relentless!

Danu Huber


Relentless has just developed and launched a brand new website for Custom Electric Bikes.

Based in North Vancouver, the heart of mountain biking, Custom Electric Bikes specializes in creating custom hand-built electric bikes from vintage Schwinn frames and components. Custom Electric Bikes are one-of-a-kind masterpieces, hand-built with love by Danu Huber, a veteran of the freeride mountain bike movement.

We really enjoyed building this website, and love ripping around on our custom electric Schwinn Phantom even more!

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