Avalanche Canada issues daily avalanche forecasts throughout the winter for the mountainous regions of western Canada.


March, 2015

Relentless was contracted by Avalanche Canada to assist with technical search engine optimization for the new Avalanche.ca website. The new website, built in Angular JS, loads all of its content via AJAX and therefor was not crawlable by Googlebot. Fortunately, Google supports an AJAX crawling scheme, which we can configure to make all of the dynamic content available to Googlebot for indexing.

Our role was to provide consultation, technical documentation, and a roll-out plan to assist the skilled developers at Avalanche.ca in deploying this scheme. We also provided post-deployment QA (Quality Assurance).

The deployment went smoothly and Avalanche.ca now has over 11,000 pages of content indexed on Google. The only hard part of this project was working on it while the BC South Coast had an unusually mild season and had no snow!

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