The AIDA Model

When to Use Specific Digital Ad Platforms Throughout the Sales Funnel

The AIDA model is a marketing model which implies that consumers move through a series of steps or stages when they make purchase decisions. The model is built on an assumption that consumers move through a series of cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) stages before finally reaching an action such as making a purchase.

The AIDA model is widely used to illustrate the “Sales Funnel”, or the process a consumer moves through before making a purchase.

The four stages of AIDA are:

1) Awareness – The consumer becomes aware of a category, product or brand, usually through advertising.

2) Interest – The consumer becomes interested by learning about brand benefits & how the brand fits with lifestyle.

3) Desire – The consumer develops a favorable disposition towards the brand.

4) Action – The consumer forms a purchase intention, shops around, engages in trial or makes a purchase.

As a digital agency, we use specific ad platforms to reach consumers as they move through these 4 stages.

For example, if we are targeting someone who is already familiar with our brand, and has a desire to purchase our products, we would use Google Search Ads to ensure we are well positioned when they decide to take action.

Conversely, in many campaigns that we run, we need to generate awareness and interest to start the process of moving the consumer through the sales funnel. Depending on the type of product, we may use YouTube or Facebook ads to introduce prospective customers to our brand or products.

Generally, rich media ads such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram ads are best for generating Awareness and Interest at the top of the sales funnel.

Google search ads are best used at the bottom of the funnel once someone has the Desire to take Action.

Posted on: 04/06/2023
Posted by: Craig Hauptman – President & Founder

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