Rare Colored Diamonds offers some of the most beautiful and extremely rare fancy colored diamonds available in the world today and is a proud member of the Natural Color Diamond Association.


Relentless has launched the Online Seminar Platform for RareColoredDiamonds.com. The platform allows site visitors to attend live investment seminars from the comfort of their own homes, which include images, dynamic charts, and live audio and video. One of the challenges with this project was to overcome the limitation of some of the attendee’s Internet connections. Relentless needed to build the application so that all users would be able to view the seminars in real-time and at the same time, regardless of buffering or lag caused by poor connections. The project was a complete success, and the first two live seminars have gone extremely well, just as we envisioned it.

Relentless has just announced the launch of the RareColoredDiamonds.com Historical Price Tracking System which allows site visitors to compare the growth in carat value of different types of rare colored diamonds based on historical sales figures over time. The Rare Colored Diamonds Historical Price Tracking System also forecasts projected future values based on historical growth trends and the rate of inflation. This tool is a first for investors of colored diamonds and was built in Flash using a XML feed to load data into the application dynamically.

Relentless has just completed a print advertisement for RareColoredDiamonds.com to be run in Raymond Blanc’s SEASONS Magazine, a high-end publication by Boston Hannah International. Due to a tight deadline for the print run, Relentless had to complete this advertisement from creative concept to print-ready files in less than one day. “Profit. Forever.”, the tagline chosen for this ad, not only captures attention when paired with the stunning colored diamonds, but also pokes a jab at traditional investments, which have taken a hit during the recent financial crisis.

Relentless is proud to announce the launch of the new RareColoredDiamonds.com website. Rare Colored Diamonds features extremely rare, fancy colored diamonds that are generally purchased for investment reasons, as well as their stunning natural beauty.

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