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Van Arbor Asset Management provides investors with 2 first class investment funds – the Van Arbor Canadian Advantage Fund, and the Van Arbor World Advantage Fund, which generate wealth using value based strategy by generating long-term returns.


  • Van Arbor

    January 19, 2010

    Relentless is proud to announce the launch of the new Van Arbor Asset Management website. The scope of work involved putting a fresh design on the existing website, creating interactive fund charts in Flash, and updating the content and taxonomy of the website. Most importantly, Relentless also created an automated Subscription Agreement funnel to assist site visitors in completing the necessary documentation to be able to start investing in Van Arbor funds.

    Van Arbor uses a disciplined value investment strategy to create superior long-term returns, with an emphasis on preserving capital.

  • Van Arbor Asset Management

    January 6, 2006

    Relentless welcomes Van Arbor Asset Management to our client roster. Van Arbor offers top-performing mutual funds ideal for the moderately conservative investor. Using a conservative amount of leverage, Van Arbor funds are best suited to the long-term investor.